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Sir Neville Marriner, world famous conductor - Axminster Heritage patron
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Our vision at Axminster Heritage is to delight and entertain visitors through interactive and innovative displays. We hope to exceed expectations by creating a 'hands-on' experience that young and old can touch and interact with. In addition we have a unique collection of original Axminster carpets and aim to tell the story, from fleece to floor, of this world famous 'brand' name in an enjoyable and educative way.
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  Available soon within Thomas Whitty Hous, newly refurbished, single offices (16m² 29m²) TO LET...
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Fund Raising - click here
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  Axminster Heritage Ltd has recently received a generous donation from Lord Barnby's Foundation.
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Photo Galleries - click here
  The impressive Saltram Saloon houses a carpet design by Robert Adam, 1770.
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